Monday, February 21, 2011

Cooper Flake

The end of Februrary marks Cooper turning 19 months old. I'm sure that if I weren't a mother or especially if I weren't Cooper's mother I would think that such an occasion would be rather rediculous to remark over. But becuase I am Cooper's mother, and perhaps you think this is rediculous (I don't blame you), I will say that the best I can explain it is that counting the days Cooper has been in my life is almost akin to counting down the days to Christmas. Another way of putting it is that saying that I love being Cooper's mother is an understatement.

Anyhow, the real point of this post is to document the kind of person Cooper is right now so that I can remember when I'm bedraggled and hair-brained and so Cooper can look back on how he started.

Firstly, as a said before, Cooper is such a little person.

People have always commented that he looks like a little man becuase of his hair and features but now he even acts like one.

He talks. a lot.

He knows more words every day that he just picks up himself. Yesterday he took me to the bathroom door, tapped it with his inch-long pointer finger and asked "bath". He does love bath time.

His first word in the morning is usually "Basketball" which is is obsessed with or "macknee" which is his word for the vacuum, his other obsession. This morning it was "mommy"...loved that.

He can say doggy, duck, ball, basketball, help, please, more, milk, mommy, dada, mammy(grammie), snow, bye bye, night night, thank you, love you, (the last four are all said in a high sing-songy voice)

He also carries on conversations, making deep eye contact, eyebrows raised for emphasis, in complete jibberish.

Though I don't know much about kids his age he seems different in some ways. He has a lot of patience, regard for others, and is independent yet unafraid to ask for help. This seems mature to me.

He will hold still while I cut his hair, knows the names of his three favorite stuffed animals (Red Bear, Po, "B") and eats almost anything.

We love our Cooper kid so much and love nothing more than watching him learn and grow.

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