Saturday, February 19, 2011

What my name means

Kacie Lynn Flake

Have you ever stopped to think about what your name means? Like what it really, really means? For some reason this is the very question I pondered while blow drying my hair today and I was surprised to realize how many people this question can include. It also made me hope that I can think of all of these sort of questions while everyone who knows the answers are around to tell me.

My first name is Kacie.

According to "Think Baby Names" Kacie means alert and watchful. I believe this to be true to the extent that horoscopes are true...meaning, I am sure I am alert and watchful at some points. Or maybe this is referring to my parenting style and is a gentle way of saying paranoid. In that case, yes, I believe they have me pegged.

It also means that my mom would have to redo my birth certificate when my Dad spelled it the "boy way".

It means that in the 4th grade I would wrongfully get sent to the principles office because a girl named Casey had hit someone on the playground, sending my heart rate through the roof at the prospect that I had done something evil enough to be sent there.

It means that I will never own a premade, bike-sized license plate, rubbery cup, or keychain with my name on it. que lastima.

It means that spelling my name out loud more times in my life than someone named Casey.

K - A - C - I - E

My middle name is Lynn

which means that I am like my mom

and that my Grandmother just always liked the name.

It means that when I learned to write in cursive I would write my full name more often because of how pretty the L and Y looked next to each other.

My last name is Flake.

It means that I married the most incredible man I could ever dream of. truly.

It means that my children will unconsciously stick their tongue out when they concentrate and that they'll have many cousins to grow up with.

It means that I should know my family history because I WILL be asked about it, often.

It means that my children will grow up with a last name that they will learn to be as proud of as their great aunts and uncles.

It means being the butt of a joke and snowman decorations ("my friends are flakes")
at Christmastime.

It means bingo at Thanksgiving.

It means my kids will have to be very careful with who they go on a date with in the White Mountains.
It means I reached my ultimate goal of marrying the right man and the right time by the right authority.
What does your name really mean? I'd love to know. Or perhaps you know more about what my name means? Care to share?


Kelly Merrell said...

That was a fun post. Good on ya. My name is Kelly Smelly. Que Lastima!

David Merrill Family said...

Hello Kacie~

I thought your name post was so good. I had to laugh because I have a sister named LYNNE. She is 6 years older than me. When I learned to write cursive I LOVED to write her name more than my name...for the same reason as you.

Almost yard sale season!!