Thursday, December 23, 2010

More November 2010

In an attempt to upload tons of pictures I got them all out of order. In the interest of saving me time, we'll all just have to try to fit the pieces back into the order they belong in.
We spent Thanksgiving in a very cold and snowy Utah with family. This trip was based around my nephew Sky's mission farewell. We spend the first night with Derek's Uncle Dennis and were able to see his cousin Angie the next day when we met up to meet at her husband Mike's awesome Warehouse!
Then we stayed with my family in a condo in Farmington. This picture is Cooper discovering the joy of frontloading washer and dryers.
How we both wish we had these at our house!
Here is Grampy trying to get a picture with the two youngest grand babies and the oldest great grandbaby. Kai, Krey and Kooper :) I LOVED having these three boys together. Their birthdays are May, June and July!

The boys with the boys
Dave Derek Derek
Kai Cooper Krey
and if you think that was confusing Derek #2 is my nephew that is two years older than me so I'm a great aunt to Krey and Avah...

Poor Cooper was so upset of pictures. I kept saying that something was wrong with him because he never cries. People just kept telling me that he was just having a hard time with all the excitement but we found out a few minutes later that he had the worst diaper rash ever.
I felt so bad about these pictures where I can now tell he doesn't want to sit on his poor raw bum.

So here is the real adventure. Cooper's first airplane ride. Our flight to Salt Lake was delayed about 5 hours due to a snow storm. So Cooper had a ton of fun exploring the entire airport and making friends with every single person he could. He would walk up to anyone and just say hi until they played with him. The airport was so full of people flying for Thanksgiving and Cooper would just walk up complete strangers who were buried in a book and just make fast friends. By the time we boarded the plane and walked back to our seat everyone new Cooper and said hi as we walked by. We even got on a return flight with some of the same people from our original flight with people who remembered him!
At about 9:30 pm running along the seats from his Daddy to a few strangers/best friends who were playing "I'm gonna get you" with him.

The girls with the boys!
Kelly, Jen and I

The Thanksgiving feast crew!

Derek with sweet Avah Skye!

Cooper with his cousin Derek!

Here's us at the airport about 4 hours before our flight took off.

Cooper loved checking everything out! This terminal is the best!

This is the return flight home in the Salt Lake Airport. We bought Cooper a ridiculously overpriced adorable plane to commemorate this fun occasion!

Whew, flash forward to earlier in the month for me to remind you once again how much I love a freshly woken baby.

Mmmm, my favorite!

Cooper enjoying Lori's hall tree/ wall tree...Reed and I still can't quite get down what to call this beautiful antique!

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Emilie said...

Hey!! I can't believe how cute that boy is!?!!

We are planning a little "reunion" (in the valley) for anyone in town. Email me for details emiliecox (at) gmail. :)