Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010!

This year was "Flake Family" Christmas so as soon as Derek got off of work on Thursday we headed to the Mesa.
Now, being a Mountain Girl I was unprepared on many accounts. For one nobody warned me that I should have packed for a swim party more than a Christmas party. It was so hot down there! I was dying in long sleeves!
Our first stop was the mall to finish our last few shopping items. Mistake two, I was not prepared for every single Valley resident to be at one mall. Derek just dropped me off as I ran in since we literally could not find a parking spot. CRAZY.
Thursday night the whole family (minus a few) gathered to do some supreme Christmas light looking and hot cocoa drinking. Lori provided the most adorable, tastiest hot cocoa table ever. LOVED that we made it down in time for this!
On Christmas Eve Bridget, Bup and Slimmy came over to spend the night with us at Reed and Lori's.
Here is the Christmas morning crew!
Here is Lori's beautiful tree with the presents!
Later everyone else came over and we opened presents, we had over 30 people opening presents at one time!
Here are most of the grandkids on the porch swing we had just given Lori as a group gift.
We thought it would be fun to see if it is possible to make twelve kids sit in one area for 3 seconds on Christmas day. As you can see, it's not :)
Love Cooper's pj's and converse. There's nothing like staying in your pj's all day on Christmas!

Here's a picture of SOME of the mess.

We loved getting to see our family on Christmas! Especially the Californians who were obviously in some need of tickling.

Later we thought it would be fun to see if it is possible to have 3 1 yr olds sit, smile and look forward.

Also not possible.

And last but not least I've included Cooper's first santa picture.
Here we have captured the silent cry that is evoked when Cooper:
is mortally wounded
is enduring unbearable pain
when he sits on Santa's lap.

Oh how I love Christmas! I am still in shock that it went by so fast!

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