Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to be Prepared for a Snowstorm

I am really enjoying the nice weather we have enjoyed the last few days. Travis and Kendra came to visit us and to play in the snow, and while we weren't able to do that, we did have a delicious valentine's day dinner of homemade fettuccine Alfredo which gave me a fabulous opportunity to try out the new pasta machine Derek gave me for my birthday...delicious!
V-day was especially enjoyable this year, Derek brought home an incredible bouquet of flowers, threw a little Usher on (that he had just downloaded for me) did a dance that would put even Usher himself to shame, and presented me with peanut m&m's. Frankly I can't think of a better combo :) Travis and Kendra arrived shortly after and we had our second v-day double date together. I hope we keep it a tradition! I LOVE that we were able to spend time outside in some sunshine and even go to the park!
Unfortunately for Travis and Kendra who will have just missed it, I have heard that the forecast is calling for more snow this weekend. As a reminder to myself and for those of us who may have our sights set on spring already, I thought I'd let Cooper demonstrate how to best be prepared for a snowstorm.
Before the storm hits there are a few things you'll want to do. For one, make sure you have the right gear. Just because someone says you need boots for the snow doesn't mean that ALL boots will be equally effective. Some boots are better for sports while others are better for snow exploring.
Hats, mittens, and a jacket are also highly recommended. If you look like the Michelin Man, you're probably adequately prepared.
Secondly, the winter may be a long one so make sure you have some meat on your bones, even if it means taking it off of someone else's.

Our suggestion is to make sure that you aren't wearing your gear from step one while proceeding to step two. BBQ sauce has its tendencies.

Step Three: Enjoy the snow! Something about snow really is magical. It can transform the whole landscape into a fresh, clean slate of pure white, a grown adult into a child, and a baby into Groucho Marx.

And another thing, Julie Andrews wasn't lying about the nose and eyelashes thing...

Last step. Make sure you have someone you love to help you warm up afterwards!


Ben and Krista said...

Ah! Cooper is such a cute kid!! He's getting so big. We really need to plan a trip to come see you guys!!

Kelly Merrell said...

It's kind of redonculous how cute your child is.